Bali, 13 December 2013Adam Gyorgy, a world-class pianist is joining forces with MS Works Singapore, to conduct The Adam Gyorgy Island Academy, that is open to pianists and spectators.  It is a music education project, with skilled professors who will introduce ground-breaking music education concepts.  The 7-day program, that will run from 15 to 21 December 2013, in the ‘Island of Gods’ Bali at Westin Resort Nusa Dua, will comprise of tailored workshops and performance opportunities, delivering an inspirational syllabus of music.

The Island Academy will have master-classes, lectures covering piano technique, stage fright, the evaluation of personal strengths and weaknesses, workshops about great artists, talks on improvisation and more.

Uninhibited by language and cultural differences, Adam Gyorgy believes that music is a truly global language that supports individuality whilst uniting communities. By its very nature, music emphasizes human values.   Adam comments: “Today, more than ever, music education is increasingly vital in connecting cultures across national barriers.”  Adam adds: “Music enables us all to focus on our similarities as opposed to our differences.

The Adam Gyorgy Island Academy (Bali) has been developed based on the philosophy established by the successful European predecessor.  As well as building the creative confidence of promising pianists in Indonesia, they will be accompanied by expert insights who will lay the foundations for their continued growth.

The Adam Gyorgy Academy Castle (Pomáz, Hungary), is the pianist’s music education project, a highly- regarded summer school which continues to establish connections between Asia, Europe and the USA, has welcomed young people from over 15 countries.  The young musicians can learn from renowned professors from the Liszt Academy and immerse in the culture. The gathering attracts a wealth of talented piano students who travel to Hungary for the 10-day festival – where everyone has the chance to perform.

In 2012, on celebrating its 5th year, the Academy received student delegations from some of the world’s most prestigious universities including London’s Royal School of Music, Budapest’s Franz Liszt Academy and the National University of Singapore.  Top pianists from Jakarta have benefited from this Academy in Hungary.

The Adam Gyorgy Foundation – established in New York and its reputation is growing in Europe and Asia.  Under the Foundation, The Adam Gyorgy Academy brings classical music alive, through social and cultural events, and scholarship programs.  The Academy is able to cultivate the aspirations and creative confidence of pianists who would otherwise be unable to access a world-class music education.  Each year talented students from different parts of the world have benefited from master classes with distinguished professors.

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