Press Release Distribution

Distribution is all about sharing your messages and engaging with your audiences. Because visibility is the first step towards success, a distribution network that is optimised for search engines is essential.

Whether you’re promoting a new product, announcing an organisational change or launching a new marketing campaign, you can leverage’s distribution network to achieve your objectives. offers distribution solutions for all types of organisations.

We, will:

  • deliver your news straight to credible journalists, bloggers and key influencers all over Indonesia.

  • reach domestic as well as international trade magazines and reporters, and distribute in either Bahasa Indonesia or English.

  • engage your audiences with your message through the inclusion of photos, logos, video and more.

  • archive your multimedia assets for use by journalists and members of the media.

  • distribute a photo/s with your release.

Give editors one more reason to assign coverage of your news.  Get your news noticed by the media and millions of online viewers. Add photos to make your story stand out among text-only news releases.


Increase Visibility makes your news available to major search engines. Our online distribution helps increase your exposure as our online news website partners publish your stories for their viewers to read.

Generate Publicity sends your news to journalists and bloggers.

Reach Your Target Audience provides you maximum visibility at minimum cost, particularly in comparison to other forms of advertising. In addition, your press release will remain online on our website indefinitely – this means that potential customers can find your release well after its distribution date.

After distributing your press release, we provide you the links showing your press release on various media websites. Your press release will generally show up on the news searches of Yahoo! and Google.

Are You Ready to Get Published?

We publish news releases for hundreds of companies, government agencies and NGO’s and we deliver the news quickly and accurately to journalists on behalf of our customers in Indonesia and around the region. So if you are ready to get published or just want to ask about our services or other information, please feel free to contact us.