Gran Meliá’s attention to detail – Expanding guest’s experience

Jakarta, January 11, 2016 – Excellent customer service has always been a prerequisite to success in the luxury hospitality industry. These days the provision of free soap, a welcome drink, is simply not enough; instead, an expert in service requires to display emotional intelligence and reflect a real understanding of the guest’s preferences.

ana gomezAna Gomez, Guest Experience Director of Meliá Hotels International in Asia Pacific, comments “We’re no longer in an industry where one size fits all, as service is often distinguishes yourself from a fine hotel to a memorable and favoured hotel. In order to be the best, we need to constantly adapt our service concept, provide guests what they want, make them stay more comfortably.”

“At Gran Meliá, our recipe for success lies in our approach to always adapt ourselves based on the location of the hotel and guests’ desires. This is often something cannot be anticipated or planned for, but we rely on our flexibility, adaptableness and plenty of initiatives to be used by our highly trained staff,” she added.

Gran Meliá has many signature service rituals that not only demonstrate the brand’s profound heritage and passionate Spanish hotel philosophy, but also help the hotel stand out from the crowd.

Ana Gomez lists her 8 ‘must-do’s’ interpreting commonly used term ‘Attention to Detail’, and outlines what it means for the luxury hotels and resorts brand around the world.

  • Understand today’s high-end travellers

Keep up to date with the latest trends in what guests expect and desire from their stay – many of the guests who visit Gran Meliá Jakarta want to experience the local sights, so staff have become ‘expert guides’ and able to offer advice and information on how best to get around, the time of day to visit and book tickets if needed.

  • Facial cure and body language

Gran MeliaAt Gran Meliá hotels, every time a hotel associate meets a guest, we greet them with the Red Glove Service Greeting – placing our hand upon our heart to illustrate our special and dedication to the guest. We also watch guests’ interactions and reactions when they taste Food & Beverage products so that we can identify problems and rectify them before they arise.

  • Personalisation

Our signature Lady in Red positioned at the entrance in every Gran Meliá hotel reinforces the personalized and luxury offering of the brand. The Lady in Red is the first contact that guests have, so she greets and welcomes them to ensure a personal touch from the very first encounter.

  • Aesthetic details

The Gran Meliá’s guests have all the space for relaxation that they expect from the resort style hotel, but with the décor taking inspiration from the local area, they never forget the special place they are visiting.

  • Local knowledge

It’s important for all staff – not just the concierge, to acquire local knowledge of the hotel’s surroundings, establish links with popular tourist sites in the surrounding area to provide a VIP service and become go-to local experts in the hotel. At Gran Meliá hotel, each employee is encouraged to participate in cross-department training to get a better idea of how the hotel functions and how to better serve the guests when they come across unexpected questions from them.

  • Teamwork

Internal communications is the key! We use an efficient internal system that ensures everyone is up-to-date on each guest’s situation and what is the individual requests. This will help the team operate like a symphony – responding in unison to each and every guest.

  • Remember!

When returning to the hotel for another visit, we want our guests to feel like they’re returning home. So, we record what their pillow of choice is and surprise them with their favourite bottle of wine from the menu.

  • Above and beyond

At Gran Meliá, we encourage staff to anticipate guests’ needs. By asking open-ended questions, it’s simple for them to gather information about the guests which could easily be used to demonstrate exemplary service.

Ana Gomez said, “If upsets do occur – and sometimes things can go wrong – the first thing to do is profusely apologise. But don’t stop there… Go above and beyond to showcase the level of service that you’re capable of! Even for things outside of your immediate control, there may be added extras that you can offer to help the guest overcome their issues.”

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  1. Ana Gomez, Guest Experience Director of Meliá Hotels International in Asia Pacific.
  2. Red Glove Service Greeting – placing our hand upon our heart to illustrate our special and dedication to the guest.
  3. Lady in Red – the first contact that guests have, she greets and welcomes them to ensure a personal touch from the very first encounter.

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