Jakarta, According to Indonesia governments’ strong ambition to targets the achievement of 3.6 GW of Rooftop PLTS by 2025, more multinationals seek to run on 100% renewable energy, experts have observed an increased interest in Indonesian solar rooftop projects especially for commercial and industry businesses.

In October 2021, Indonesia government and PLN issued the RUPTL 2021-2030, which is also called “Green RUPTL”. Based on their estimation, the newly installed capacity for Indonesia solar market in 2022 will be at least 520MW from rooftop solar sector (around 500MW from C&I rooftop solar and around 20MW from residential, government facilities, etc.).

A research conducted by IESR (Institude for Essential Services Reform) showed that the current total solar power installed capacity in Indonesia reached 176.3MWp by Q3, 2021. Comparing to 2020, the growth of 17.9 MWp are for rooftop solar, while most IPP projects in the pipeline (585MWp) are expected to reach COD by the year of 2023 or 2024.

Refer to a report prepared by Neoventure Corporation with the support of IESR https://en.goodwe.com/news-458

Company or factory owners prefer to choose clean energy due to the mission of low carbon emissions, facing the challenges of peak-shaving and blackouts in order to save the electricity billings. Solar energy then definitely become their first choice due to easy installation and stability.

The first two cases we want to share are commercial office and residential rooftops. One is a hybrid PV system with capacity 11.68 kWp, the other is 5.4 kWp hybrid ready system, both of them used GoodWe ET inverters, installed in Jakarta, Indonesia. The GoodWe EH Series is a single-phase, on-grid inverter that includes a “Battery Ready” option for users who might wish to eventually acquire a full energy storage solution.

In this case, the office PV system also combined with GoodWe High voltage Lynx S series batteries, upgraded to a complete ESS (Energy Storage System) solution. The top famous solar panel brands like Jinko Solar https://www.jinkosolar.com/en always be as GoodWe’s long term collaboration partners in the whole Southeast Asia and all over the world.

Another two PV projects are from Tangerang and Ternate Indonesia, both are over 5kWp capacity. The government office installed with GoodWe Top sales product SDT G2 series on grid inverter, which is thanks to its technical strengths that make it as one of the most efficient products in the market. For enhanced safety, this inverter is able to incorporate AFCI. Its high efficiency (98.3%) and its enhanced oversizing & overloading capabilities represent an outstanding improvement in the industry.

As you can see, the PV systems with nice appearance and doesn’t take up too much space. Under the protection of solar energy, you will less worry about no hot water when taking a shower or no energy supply in the hot season, rescue business owners from high industrial electricity consumptions.

As one of the most reliable brand in Indonesia, GoodWe entered Indonesia market from year 2011, deeply understood the local requirements and used to customize solutions and services for them. As GoodWe has been chosen by more and more rooftop owners, we also highly attach importance to customer satisfaction or experiences, and will move forward at a steady pace and elevate amid opportunities and challenges.