Jakarta, 9 April 2015 – Greenfields Milk, Southeast Asia’s premium dairy producer of fresh and quality milk announced today, the launch of the Greenfields Ricotta Cheese available in Indonesia’s supermarkets and retail outlets. The Greenfields Ricotta cheese adds to the company’s already popular range of cheeses including Bocconcini and Mozzarella.

“The growing demand for cheese especially gourmet cheeses is very unique to Indonesia. As consumers become better educated about cuisine and healthy living, specialty cheeses are becoming increasingly popular. People are excited about how they can recreate quality cuisines in the comfort of their own homes and that has been the main driver in our introduction of the Ricotta cheese,” explained Jan Vistisen, Head of Sales and Marketing, AustAsia Dairy Group (Southeast Asia).

Used in popular desserts like cheesecakes and cannoli to savoury dishes like calzones and lasagna, quality ricotta cheese is essential for anyone who desires to make these Italian dishes. Recognising that there are strong competitors in the market, Greenfields Milk has dedicated strong research and development to ensure its ricotta cheese product holds its own.

To ensure their product is delivered to consumers as fresh as possible, Greenfields Milk undergoes a single-pasteurisation process and is sealed directly at its farm located in East Java. In keeping with the company’s promise to produce honestly fresh dairy products, Greenfields Milk is always kept completely free of milk solids, additives, preservatives and hormones. This also means that every packet of Greenfields Milk spends less time traveling and arrives in supermarkets fresh each and every time.

The brand new Ricotta Cheese can be found at all leading supermarkets at a price of Rp.30,000. Customers can also purchase Greenfields Mozzarella and Bocconcini cheeses from supermarkets and retails outlets in Indonesia. In addition, the Greenfields one litre (1L) line of Fresh Milk, High Calcium Low Fat Milk, High Calcium Skimmed Milk, Chocolate Malt, Low Fat Mochaccino, Strawberry Milk packets, and 1.89 Litre Fresh Milk and Low Fat Milk packets are delivered with no preservatives, additives and detours to the Indonesia consumers at the same outlets.



About Greenfields

For over 15 years, Greenfields Milk has provided Southeast Asia with the freshest milk available – and has done it the honest way.  With the knowledge that happy cows make great milk, our state-of-art farm facility in the beautiful highlands of East Java, Malang, Indonesia is home to over 7,000 Holstein cows that are ethically treated and scientifically managed by a team of veterinarians and nutritionists.  These happy cows produce an average of more than 36 million litres of fresh milk a year.  Our fully-integrated dairy farm also ensures that Greenfields Milk is delivered faster and fresher, right to your supermarket and your fridge, in keeping with our promise of delivering honestly fresh dairy products.  Producing honestly fresh dairy products is a reflection of the company’s promise to provide only the best quality milk that’s fresh and completely free of additives, preservatives and hormones.  We also have our own brand of mozzarella cheese which is made to a classic Italian recipe and held to the same high standards.  We distribute our products all around Southeast Asia, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore.  For more information, visit us at www.greenfieldsmilk.com.

Media Coverage

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