Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. We hope that our information we provide here helps answer your questions about our services and our terms.

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Do you guarantee that I will get media coverage?

IndonesiaPR.id guarantees that your release will be distributed to our media contacts, spreads throughout Indonesia. Because media members themselves are the arbiters of what is considered newsworthy for their readership, IndonesiaPR.id cannot guarantee media coverage.

What purpose does a press release serve?
The purpose of a press release is to make media members aware of your news with the hope that they will turn it into a news story and thus spread the word to their readers/viewers: the public. Press releases can be effective marketing tools in that they allow clients to control the messages being transmitted to the media, and by extension, the public at large.
What is the best day/time to issue a press release?
There is no magic day for issuing a press release. Journalists are paying attention every day of the week. At IndonesiaPR.id, we issue press releases Monday through Friday, because we find that most journalists are working a Monday through Friday schedule. Therefore, it’s most efficient to work on a Monday through Friday basis.

On the weekends and overnight, you’re dealing with a skeleton crew of media, and they’re going to be hyper-responsive to very important news and leave all other news for the regular shift.

Our clients’ news, for the most part, is not breaking news. In short, there is no magic day to issue your press release.

Regarding time of distribution, IndonesiaPR.id schedules its press releases for morning/afternoon distribution. We don’t have the facts to justify our position but we believe it makes sense to have your news in the inbox of the journalists when they sit down either first thing in the morning or early afternoon.

What works?
A press release that is newsworthy is what works, and then only some of them. A busy editor under deadline who needs an anecdote or wants to humanize a story will turn to good examples he’s recently seen. Sometimes regardless of your press release’s newsworthiness. Being in the right place at the right time happens a lot in the world of PR.
Any Good News?
As long as your goals are realistic, press releases are a valuable opportunity. If you don’t succeed on your first release, remember please note that one press release is only part of an ongoing media campaign.

Each press release (developed for its newsworthiness) will help your company or organization gain credibility with editors and writers, who will eventually give you that mention you’ve been looking for. We strongly believe press releases do work.

How is word count calculated in my press release?
The headline, dateline (including city), press release content, boilerplate, and media contact information all count towards the final word count.
How much does your press release submission services cost?

Click here to view IndonesiaPR.id’s press release distribution plan and pricing. You may also select additional services like immediate distribution and extra target categories.

We also offer press release writing services for an additional fee.

We have a press release scheduled for distribution and we see there is some inaccurate information. Can you please correct the error for the release?

You can indeed, by contacting us at info@indonesiapr.id

Can I schedule my press release for a specific time?

Yes, you can schedule the date of distribution, but you cannot select a specific time for distribution. Having a press release scheduled for a specific time can create an additional burden on our editors and opportunities for mistakes.

What time will my press release be distributed?
IndonesiaPR.id distributes press releases either in the morning or in the afternoon allowing media members to receive releases via email while they are most receptive to consider story ideas for the rest of the day.
Can you handle rush orders? What are your scheduling policies? Does this affect editorial review?
We normally schedule it the next day or later. We process most orders on a next work-day basis.

Press release orders which we receive during one work-day are scheduled for distribution on the next work-day, unless you select a later distribution date.

Note: Our work-days are Monday – Friday from 8.30am until 5.30pm (West Indonesia Time)

Rush Distribution (Same Work Day) Orders

You may order rush distribution (same day as your order), for an additional fee. Rush orders received during our office hours are aimed for distribution within 2 hours of receiving your order (4 hours if image or video embedding options are selected).

Editorial Review

For full editorial review, please submit your distribution order prior to 5pm (West Indonesia Time) on the work-day prior to your desired distribution date.

Orders submitted outside of this limit, including rush distribution orders, will receive a limited editorial review due to the time constraints.

How are your press releases sent?
Your press release is sent via email with the text formatted by us for line length and presentation.

The text of the press release is sent within the body of the email message as many organizations will not accept attachments because of virus and security concerns.

You may include up to two images in your press release, which you will normally upload during the ordering process. No HTML will be placed within the emailed press release. The subject of the email message sent to editors will include your press release title.

Reaching The Media/Your Target Audience

How can I find out who wrote about us?

We send you as many the list of links to where you can view your press release live on the Internet.

You can explore our media monitoring services to assist you with the proper media monitoring report. Remember that trade publications and some sources (due to printing schedules) may not use a press release immediately so it is advised to measure success over weeks and months rather than days and hours.

Why isn’t a particular magazine or news source listed in your media database?
We cannot force an editor or source to accept our press releases as our lists are strictly opt-in. We strive to continually add news editors and sources but only if they agree or ask to be added.
Do you think a major newspaper or broadcaster will do a story on me after my first press release?
Although extremely unlikely, it is not impossible. In some cases, it’s often more a case of luck in which a press release appeared at a time when a journalist was looking for a person, product, or company to incorporate into a story. The key is that it does happen.

Sometimes it’s not their first press release that generated success. It may be their second, third or sixth press release.

What can I expect when I use your press release services?
You could expect between a 3-5% publishing rate. You would be lucky to receive between three and five articles written as a result of your press release distribution.

Please note that a single press release is less likely to result in press than a monthly press release or, at the very minimum, a press release sent frequently on a regular basis.

Viewing each press release as part of an ongoing media campaign is the best way to remain focused and to eventually receive media coverage for your company.

My first release did not meet my expectations. Why should I continue with a second or third?

If your goal is to get PR support for your company, and to look at press releases as a way to market your company, you simply cannot judge a PR campaign by one or two press releases.

A PR campaign is a series of press releases to the media in which you use different approaches, different hooks, to engage the media. Doing this, you will eventually have success.

If you were to dedicate yourself to between six and ten well-written press releases with an assortment of hooks and angles for your company, you WILL receive media coverage, and that media coverage WILL exceed your press release costs by at least a factor of ten.

If you are committed to it, and you are doing it right, you WILL get media coverage. We have never seen an instance where it hasn’t happened.

Search Engine Optimization

Can you make me # on Google for a search for my company name or keywords?

The goal of press releases should be to get media coverage (or publicity), and to stay committed to the process of engaging the media with varying types of press releases.

SEO isn’t something that you should be performing on your press release.

What you should be doing is writing something for the end-users of the press release, who are the journalists, possibly bloggers in your industry.

By doing that you will have your important keywords in your release in a natural progression. If there are acronyms or buzzwords in your industry, you may want to initially mention the full name a bit more.

Are You Ready to Get Published

We publish news releases for hundreds of companies, government agencies and NGO’s and we deliver the news quickly and accurately to journalists on behalf of our customers in Indonesia and around the region. So if you are ready to get published or just want to ask about our services or other information, please feel free to contact us.