Features – Press Release Distribution

Press release distribution helps you create buzz and increase visibility and drive website traffic. Learn our distribution process below.

We will distribute to the geographic area that you have chosen by our distribution process.

 To be successful in getting publicity or media attention, we will send the release to our media contacts comprising of journalists, reporters or editors.

 We also send your press release to newsrooms where they will then redistribute your press release to thousands of additional news outlets.

 We will reach individual journalists by email. Your entire press release is sent to journalists (reporters and editors) who cover the topic of your press release.

 Journalists at newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and TV and radio stations are constantly in need of story ideas that are unique and interesting.

Our media list contains around 1,000 media contacts. Each press release is sent by itself, not grouped together with other press releases.

This feature ensures that your press release gets the kind of personal attention from journalists that is essential.

Journalists are much more likely to consider press releases that come directly to them, and as noted above, they very rarely search the internet for story ideas.

Are You Ready to Get Published?

We publish news releases for hundreds of companies, government agencies and NGO’s and we deliver the news quickly and accurately to journalists on behalf of our customers in Indonesia and around the region. So if you are ready to get published or just want to ask about our services or other information, please feel free to contact us.