About Us

IndonesiaPR.id publishes news releases for hundreds of companies, government agencies and NGOs.

The topics of our news releases include: world news, entertainment, trend, lifestyle, industries, technology, healthcare, politics, government, and many others.

We deliver the news quickly and accurately to journalists from our customers in Indonesia and around the region.

When we distribute your press release, we will be using the same techniques and technology that we use to get customers on Indonesia mainstream media in particular.

We have listed some of the features that make us unique and the best choice for press release distribution:


Result Oriented

We have the experience in getting results, thanks to the support we get from our media contacts. Whether your goal is to have a great placement in Google News, a trade publication or in a national news program, we have been there before.


We Reach Print And Online Media

All press releases go to reporters and editors at newspapers, magazines, trade publications and online news portals, as well as programme directors and news desks at TV and radio programmes. We provide very thorough and comprehensive distribution.


Highly Targeted Distribution

All journalists in our database are separated into different categories. We are able to reach only the journalists who want to receive the news on your topic. Whether your press release is about business or healthcare, or other specific industry, we will reach the most receptive journalists.


All Press Releases Sent In Most Effective Ways

All press releases are sent directly to a custom list of journalists who cover the topic of your press release by email. We also post all press releases online so they get into Google News and other search engines.


Experience And Track Records

We are among the first few companies in the direct-to-journalist press release industry in Indonesia. We are happy to be among the first few.


Return On Investment

Even if none the newspapers or online news portals responds to a press release, the traffic and SEO benefits are always more than enough to justify the expense. When taking the cash value of newspaper space into consideration, we provide our customers with generous publicity.


All Work Done In-House

A lot of other companies simply re-sell another company’s service. It never makes sense to buy from a middle-person when you can go directly to the source.


We Reach Journalists Directly By Name

Most press release services simply post press releases online, and that’s it. We send press releases directly to individual live reporters, editors, program directors, and other relevant contacts.


The Latest In Seo Technology At Indonesiapr.Id

We spend a very large amount of time and money developing our news site where press releases are posted and made available to journalists and other news sites.


Highly Targeted Geographic Areas

We can send press releases to journalists nationwide or to the local media in one small town. We help you choose where the press release goes when you order online.


Linking To Video Presentations And Media Kits

We do not only allow but we encourage our customers to link to video presentations and media kits in order to give journalists more information.


All Press Releases Sent One-At-A-Time, Not Grouped Together

Press releases are sent one at a time and never grouped together. We do everything that we can to maximize results.


Proof Of Distribution

Once we send your press release out, we send you the links where you can see the press release online.


High Search Engine Rankings

It is often that our press releases rank higher in the search engines than our customers’ own websites. Normally press releases show up in a Google web search within one hour of the release going out. As links to the press release are built, the Google rankings improve.


Press Releases Stay Online Forever

Once we post your press release online, we never remove it.


Writing Service

It is common for us to send two press releases to a similar media list and get a big response from one and no responses at all from the other. We know which one is going to work and which one will not. The response depends on how well written the press release is and what strategy or angle is used. We send out hundreds of press releases each year and get a very good feel of what works and what doesn’t work. Hence, we use this experience to craft press releases that work.


Testimonials And Success Stories

We are happy and confident about the success of our customers. We have customer testimonials as anyone else.

Are You Ready to Get Published?

We publish news releases for hundreds of companies, government agencies and NGO’s and we deliver the news quickly and accurately to journalists on behalf of our customers in Indonesia and around the region. So if you are ready to get published or just want to ask about our services or other information, please feel free to contact us.